Making my music shareable!


New Piece: Prayer of the Broken

All right!  This piece has lyrics by a good friend from Uplift Mountain–she sent them to me about ten years ago, back before I knew anything about writing music, and I created a horrible arrangement for it.  Every once in a while ever since, I’ve tried to come up with a better setting (and failed miserably!), and I finally found one in December which I finished in January and of which I made a string mock-up this last week.  Here’s the link to the .wav audio:

Prayer of the Broken

And the link to the .pdf of the score:


Lyrics (tweaked slightly!):

Soli Deo Gloria, Soli Deo.
Soli Deo Gloria, Soli Deo.

Weary, worn, and heavy burdened,
My heart is sinking to the depths.
Tried and torn and ever-failing,
Oh, dear Savior, give me rest.

Raise me up on wings of eagles;
Plant Your joy inside my heart.
Give me peace, and give me comfort;
Restore Your hope unto my life.

Soli Deo Goria, Gloria.

I watch the days unfold before me,
Your ever-gracious gift to me.
Make me live out my salvation;
Give me strength to follow where You lead.

For my ways are wrong and often futile;
The steps I take lead me astray.
Reach down Your loving hand to guide me
And help me step by step (step by step), each slow step by step (step by step), to find the way.

Raise me up (for Your glory) on wings of eagles.
Plant Your joy (deep) inside my heart.
Prince of Peace and Lord of Comfort,
Restore Your hope (Your blessed hope) unto my life.

Make my life a sweet aroma;
I lay my life before Your throne.
Give me ears to hear Your wisdom, my King.
Your will alone, for Your glory, Your will alone, my King, be done!

For Your glory, Lord, Your glory! (Raise me up on wings of eagles)
Only for Your glory
For Your glory, Lord, Your glory! (Give me peace, and give me comfort)
For Your glory be all things.

Soli Deo Gloria (Make my life be)
Soli Deo Gloria (only for you)
Let me live
Soli Deo Gloria again.


When the musically-minded live apart

My name is not Marie Baringer.

Shocking, isn’t it?  That I would DARE to use a pseudonym when operating online?  Simply appalling!  I even saw something in’s terms of service saying bloggers are not allowed to represent themselves as a person other than who they are.  Am I in violation?  I certainly hope not, because you can call me paranoid if you want, but I don’t like putting my real name on the internet on a site where anyone can see it.  Facebook, sure!  The only people who can see my profile are people I have accepted as “friends,” people I trust, so I use my real name there.  However, until I have reached a point where I am actually marketing myself, at which point I suppose I’ll have to get over my paranoia and actually use my real name, I plan on operating under my typical online name, which I hope, especially with this initial clarifying post, satisfies the terms of service for this site.

So why, if I have Facebook, where I can use my real name, have I gone to the trouble of setting up this blog?  Well, you see, I write music.  I’m a little shy sometimes about sharing it with my friends and family, but I like to be able to let them listen to it.  Problem #1: I live halfway across the country from most of them, so I can’t just say, “Hey, come over here and listen to this!”  Problem #2: Mp3 files sound tinny and disgusting, so after I put hours, DAYS, into making a mock-up of my composition, my beautiful, sonorous notes are sent via e-mail as pale, icky shadows of their real selves.  I used to use a different site–an actual “music” site–to post my music to share it more generally with my friends, instead of only the ones I send it to personally, but I was getting tired of the pop-ups that prevailed at that site, so I’ve been searching for a new option.  Besides, that still only allowed me to upload .mp3 files.  Problem #3: Going back to Facebook, I don’t think there is a way to post audio files that aren’t already online somewhere.  So back to the site with the pop-ups.

Also, I do hope someday to actually publish some of this music or get commissions to compose pieces, etc, so I figure it doesn’t hurt to have someplace to “advertise” where people other than my friends and family can listen to my music.  I haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to do that yet, but having the location is a start. 🙂

So, here is my new online option for spreading my music around!  I hope it will be a little more user-friendly in various ways than the last attempt, and I’m going to see if I can’t use Sibelius’s web-publishing option to actually post my scores here, too, so that those who enjoy seeing the “chicken scratch,” as my college choir director calls it, can follow along.  Besides, I don’t have a choir to record my choral pieces, so having the score will allow any devoted listeners to tell what words are supposed to fit to which sections of the piece. 🙂 I’m all about text-painting and expression!  Anyway, I hope you like it.  Feel free to leave comments–constructive criticism is encouraged!

I’ll blog a bit, too, whenever I remember, which will probably end up being solely about my musical philosophy. :-p  I definitely have one!

Until next time,

Marie the Mysterious Musician

P.S. – In addition to music, I love words.  Can you tell?  Alliterations are so much fun!