Making my music shareable!

Older Music

I’m not going to spend a lot of time expounding on the background of these pieces, but I decided to get more of the worth-listening-to music I have sitting around from grad school posted. 🙂 Audio only (at least for now).

One of our projects was writing some music for a six-minute segment from a documentary on sword-forging. It didn’t have any dialogue with it yet, so it was purely some very nice footage of a modern blacksmith working in his smithy. We had some “global folk” instruments as special guests for the concert, including a ney flute, an erhu, a duduk, a didgeridoo, and a lute-like instrument that I can’t remember the name of offhand.
Live Recording: Elemental

Our Orchestration II class required us to write several different pieces spotlighting one instrument or another. The centerpiece instrument was recorded live and added to a mock-up of the rest of the piece.
Oboe: Memories
Cello: The Other Woman – written to a scene from The Age of Innocence, if I remember correctly. Video not included.
Brass: Lament
Violin: Tub Scene (Violin) – written to a really awkward scene from a really weird indie movie called Birth. Video not included. For a different project, we had to score another segment of the same scene: Tub Scene (flutes) (mock-up only)

We also worked on a scene from a black-and-white French film called The 400 Blows. I think it is about a young boy living on the streets or something – the scene we did was him being driven through the night streets in the police carriage and then being taken into the police station for booking.
400 Blows

For an assignment on rhythm, we were given a melody that we had to use, um, I think eight times in a row. We were only allowed to modify it rhythmically, if I remember correctly, and, of course, orchestrationally. I don’t remember what the instructions were as to how it was supposed to build or if it was supposed to fit a certain mood.
Rhythmic Etude

I also have the music from my thesis score. I was working with a student short film called “Coq-au-vin” that was about a family conflict, grandma always made coqauvin but grandma passed away recently and the sisters are fighting about making it or something. Haven’t watched it in several years and don’t really remember the plot beyond the sisters fighting, one of them going to the hospital (having a baby?) with her husband and grandpa, and the other sister screwing up the courage to actually behead the rooster, making the food by herself, and taking it to the hospital for everyone.
Selecting the Victim
The Critical Moment
Coq-au-vin Montage
A Sweet Ending

Just for the fun of it, I’m also including in this post a couple of voice pieces I haven’t posted yet. I sang “Goodbye” at my senior recital in undergrad. “Burn for You” was written for a special my mom and I were doing at church (she is playing violin).
Burn For You

Hope I haven’t bored you too much with this lengthy (but non-informative) post! 🙂


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