Making my music shareable!

Honor Harrington

Ahhh….I finally get to post a new piece again!

My Roland Edirol UA-25 EX USB AudioCapture (isn’t that an exciting name?) arrived last week, along with its bundled copy of Sonar 8.5 LE…and then I subbed the next two days, so I had to wait till Friday to start playing with it.  And then had to figure out why it would only play every other note and only a few instruments.  And then yesterday, had to figure out how to get the audio out of Sonar while still sounding like it was supposed to.  And today had to discover how to use envelopes for various elements in an equalizer so I could eliminate hiss without making the full sections sound muted.

But after letting this piece sit for almost two months, waiting for the new technology I needed to be able to hear it in all its glory, it’s finally done!

This cue is for an envisioned scene — envisioned only, there are no plans so far as I know for anyone to turn these books into movies, and they sure haven’t asked me to score them! — at the opening of David Weber’s book “On Basilisk Station.”  The scene opens in space, watching a shuttle approaching the huge space station orbiting the planet Manticore, then cuts inside the shuttle to Nimitz, a treecat, sitting on Honor’s lap.  The camera pans up to Honor’s face, at which point she stands, thinking excitedly about her new command on her first hyper-capable warship, and exits the shuttle.  As she walks along, she thinks a little uneasily about her mentor’s seeming discomfort while he told her about her new ship.  Nimitz bites her ear to get her to stop worrying, and she smiles, thinking happy thoughts again.  She arrives at the “gate” and stares in awe at “Fearless,” the light cruiser of which she is now in command.  Tearing her eyes away, she walks over to the sentries at the boarding tube, gives them her orders & credentials, and enters zero-G to travel to the ship.

Listen to the wave file

PDF Score: Honor Harringtonv2


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