Making my music shareable!

Cross Medley

As promised, I actually have an old piece to post!  It’s actually a comparatively recent piece, having just been written near the end of 2010…but it’s not on this site yet. 🙂

I chose this piece in honor of the season (we sang most of the songs in the medley at the Remembrance Service at church last night).  Listening through it today to make sure I had the correct file (can’t find the exported .wav for some reason…), I’m not as pleased with it as I remember being when I wrote it.  Probably has something to do with it being one of the pieces I wrote when I was rusty and trying to get myself back into both composing and creating mock-ups…Unfortunately, as expressed in my previous post, I can’t exactly go back into the mock-up right now and fix it, either, so we’ll just go with what I’ve got. 🙂

Hymns included in the medley:
At the Cross
When I Survey
Lead Me to Calvary
The Old Rugged Cross

You can find the .mp3 here: Cross Medley

And here’s the PDF score: Cross Medley


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